Laser Hair Removal for MEN


Laser hair removal for men has been rapidly gaining popularity over the years.  Many see it as the newest and most convenient form of manscaping as opposed to shaving and waxing.  Though slightly more painful than waxing, the results of laser hair removal are far more long-lasting.  The most common areas for laser hair removal for men are the chest, back, neck, and face.  Because the chest and back are such large areas, many technicians may recommend the use of IPL treatment as it is able to treat larger areas in shorter time, though it may not be as effective as laser.

For those that prefer well-groomed nether regions, there is one particular treatment that is fairly new to the world of laser hair removal for men.  It can by called many things like the Manzilian, or Boyzilian, or Brozilian, the male version of a Brazilian.  A Manzilian is the removal of hair from the scrotum, perineum, and anal cleft… or in layman’s terms, sack n’ crack.  Some treatments also include the shaft, if requested.  Be aware that if the shaft is being treated, many men have experienced arousal during the process.  You may find that you become involuntarily erect but this is nothing to be embarrassed about as it can be caused by the application of cooling gel, handling, or the pulsing sensation from the laser.  Professional technicians have dealt with this many times and have even come to expect it.  A lot of men that have hair removed from this general area have found that they are less itchy get sweaty down below.


Laser hair removal for men is not something to be embarrassed about in any way.  The old stigma exists that the more hairy the man, the more manly and that the removal of such hair could be seen as emasculating in a way.  Despite any negative stereotype, it is the 21st century and times have changed.  Men are beginning to embrace the idea of being smooth, sexy, and hairless.  Many women also prefer their men to be hairless and well-groomed, associating it to general hygiene.

Men that are tired of shaving their facial hair day in and day out are now opting to have it permanently removed, whether it be the beard, moustache, chin, or a combination.  Men can say good-bye to time consuming morning routines and sticking bits of toilet paper on their bleeding cuts before heading out the door.  Although the final results are what everyone has their sights set on, men must remember that if they get laser hair removal done on their face, they may experience temporary side effects which will be visible to the world.  This is a large commitment, so men that are considering this treatment must be positive that they will never again want to grow facial hair.

Regardless of the area, most people require an average of about 6 treatments to achieve desirable results.  Treatments are often scheduled every 4-6 weeks in order to allow the next cycle of hair to grow.  Unlike waxing where the hair needs to be grown for several weeks, laser hair removal for men actually requires the hair to be very short so they can continue to shave the entire time in between treatments.